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The Old Town of Edinburgh Tour - Grassmarket, West Bow, Edinburgh Castle Esplanade


-More than Edinburgh Castle!-_

Tanner's Close - Grassmarket - West Bow - Victoria Street - West Bow - Castlehill - Edinburgh Castle Esplanade - Castlehill

Edinburgh Castle might be the most obvious remnant from Edinburgh's long history...but it isn't the only one!  Discover more with this intriguing 'virtual' Edinburgh guided tour. This Edinburgh Old Town virtual guided tour has been split into six 'bite-sized' sections.  Each one section takes you on an exploration of some of the most fascinating locations in the Old Town.

The new West Bow

Our first Edinburgh tour consists of 19 individual scenes. We start next to the location of the infamous Tanner's Close, once home to the two Irish murderers William Burke and William Hare. We spend some time exploring the West Port and the Grassmarket, both significant areas in Edinburgh's history.

After learning about some of the executions which took place on the Grassmarket, the tour moves onto the old West Bow, once one of the most charismatic areas of Edinburgh's Old Town. The West Bow gives you a chance to discover how parts of the Old Town were 'improved' in the nineteenth century, but there is enough here to remind us of the past and you are in the best place to hear about the famous 'ghost story' of Major Weir and his sister, both of whom were put to death for being in league with the devil!

The next step is Castlehill. This is the first time your Edinburgh guided tour takes you onto the famous Royal Mile.

After learning about the palace of Mary of Guise (mother to Mary, Queen of Scots) you get a chance to explore the hidden historical gem of Sempil's Close, a fascinating little place often missed by the general throng of visitors to the Royal Mile.

The Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle is one of the busiest places in the Old Town but this Edinburgh tour explores a little of it's history, a history that includes Canadian ownership and Witch burnings! This is the closest we come to visiting Edinburgh Castle but since this is often one of the first things visitors to Scotland's capital city come and see we don't feel too bad in leaving it aside for now.  A quick peek at Canonball House and you head back down the Castlehill, ready for the start of your second historical guided tour of Edinburgh.

Learn that there's so much more to the Old Town than Edinburgh Castle with this virtual tour!

-Learn more about this tour-_

We're so glad you want to learn more about this exciting software!  The following links will let you learn more about this innovative Interactive Guided Tour.

This tour has been split up into three sub-tours.  Each of these take you around some of the most interesting locations in Edinburgh.  There's much more to the Old Town than 'just' Edinburgh Castle!

Click this link to learn why this tour is about more than Edinburgh Castle!

You can try a scene from this Edinburgh Guided Tour.

Our Flodden Wall Interactive Guided Tour starts from the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

-Screenshot Gallery-

the west bow well in the grassmarket
the west bow - old edinburgh
edinburgh castle tour

This is the old well which sits at the bottom of Victoria Street.  Originally this was the foot of the iconic West Bow.  The Grassmarket execution spot sat nearby this location

We come to the head of the West Bow.  To the right of us sat the building where Major Weir and his sister lived.  The two siblings were found guilty of witchcraft and were executed.

Edinburgh Castle is the most famous building in the capital.  Here we can see the front defences.  Our tour tells the story of the 'Lang Siege' of Edinburgh Castle and it's defence by Sir William Kirkaldy of Grange.


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